Welcome to G.E.Society's N B Thakur Law College Library

Welcome to N B T Law College Libraryle


The College Library is situated in the ground floor with a spacious reading hall. Computers with internet facility are made available to the students and teachers. Students are now given direct access to the bookshelves. Handicapped students are given special attention and assistance for selection of books and periodicals.


The mission of the N B Thakur Law College library is to provide Law students with the information they need to achieve their highest academic potential and help them acquire research skills necessary for lifelong learning. To support teaching faculty & administrative staff and to participate in cooperative information exchange within the wider library / educational community.


The Library has a rich collection of law books, reference books and periodicals. Presently our library has over 36000 books. In beginning of the year, we have 36092, in the year 2015-16, we have added 712 books. Total number of books in the library is  and subscribes to over 29 legal magazines including some of the leading foreign periodicals and 10 News papers. Over 57 CDs / DVDs on various topics and subjects are available. The Library offers Reading room facility usually between 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.


Facilities available & Services provided by the Library

ü  Reference Service

ü  Home Lending of books

ü  Books are issued for Reading room

ü  Free Internet Browsing facility

ü  Provides Previous years question papers for reference

ü  University Syllabus available for all classes

ü  Social Service Book Bank Scheme available for SC/ ST Students

Library Rules

ü  Every student must possess an Identity Card with him / her and must produce it whenever demanded by the college authorities.

ü  Regular students of the College are admitted to the library on production of a valid Identity card.

ü  The books from library will be issued to such students for home-lending who have paid the necessary deposit and fees.

ü  Only one book will be issued at a time for a period of fifteen days to a regular / ex-student.

ü  If a student fails to return the book within the specific time limit, A fine of Rs.1/- (Rupees One) per day will be charged.

ü  Library material should be handling with care. If it is found that a student has tried to tear the pages or damaged the book, concern student will have to pay the cost of the book.

ü  Do not mark or fold / cut the pages of the Library book

ü  Students are requested to behave politely and decently at the Library counter and co-operate with the Librarian and their staff for the smooth functioning of the Library  

ü  No part of Library reading material shall be photo copied without prior permission of the Principal or Librarian

ü  The Librarian is empowered to recall any book at any time.

ü  All Library books shall be returned before the start of vacation.

ü  Reference books and periodicals are not issued outside the library. They are not for home-lending.

ü  The Books will be issued on demand , subject to their availability in the library

ü  Students Should Enter their Name, Class, Roll Number & Obtain the signature in Visitors Register kept in the entrance of the library.

ü  The Director / Principal, at his discretion may grant access to the library to a person, (who is not the regular students) such as LL.M students, Judges, Doctors and Research Students on payment of necessary deposit s and fees.